There are a lot of lotteries that are available to those that enjoy this form of gambling. Gambling is something that has been around for centuries and there is no shortage of comments that are made about it. These can be are negative orpositive. But none of themstop the lottery enthusiast from enjoying this exciting form of gameplay. Especially when there is an opportunity to win the biggest jackpot in the world.

The Biggest Lottery

There are some huge lottery wins up for grabs in many parts of the world. For example in the United States, it is the Mega Lottery. But, for those living in Spain, they can boast of having the biggest lottery opportunity in the world. It is the El Gordo Lottery or aka The Fat One.

In 2017 the winnings of El Gordo were $2.8 billion. Although this is touted as being the biggest lottery in the world it has to be remembered that the full amount up for grabs is broken down into many different prizes. For example, the top prize available is 400,000 euros, which is a win that most everyone wouldn’t mind landing. If one goes back in time to 2012 this lottery was worth $3.3 billion.

The Lottery Approach

With the individual winnings being so substantial many buy tickets as a group. This way they can buy several tickets at once as each ticket sells for 20 euros. This Spanish national lottery has been around since 1763, which goes to show just how important national lotteries are considered to be. The sales in tickets for the 2017 year was indicated as being $3.3 billion.

The Second Biggest Win

Although Spain holds the title for the biggest lottery in the world, there are other lottery wins that are considered huge. An example of this is the $700 million Powerball win that took place in the US.