There are so many different forms of gambling that have brought a lot of big wins to many of those who indulge in this form of entertainment. One of the oldest forms and a favourite of many people is horse racing, where bettors can place a variety of bets.

Barney Curley

When bettors look at those who have pocketed some big wins, most often the name Barney Curley surfaces, and some people feel that this name should not be included in the greatest horse race betting wins of all time, simply because there was so much controversy around it. They say that Barney took advantage of an under handicapped horse, placed a bet on Yellow Sam and brought in a win of 1.7 million euros.

The Kentucky Derby Long Shot

It is common for many horse race bettors to play it safe and bet on what they think is a “sure bet,” which many will tell you doesn’t always pay off. Then there are those who will go for the long shot. It is said that the paid win was as a result of this type of bet at a Kentucky Derby.

A One Million Win

Another great tale of an impressive horse race win was a bet that was placed on a horse called A Dream Come True. Ironically, some people place their bets just because the name of the horse appeals to them. The bettor who bet on this horse walked away with $1 million in winnings.

In a nutshell, not everyone is going to leave the track with a massive win, but there have been enough of them to entice the gamblers who have the dream of being one of the winners. Aside from that, there are many who do enjoy the substantial wins they have got. Now with the opportunity to bet online on horse races, the popularity of horse racing and horse betting has increased.