There are many different ways that a gambling enthusiast has the chance to get some big wins on the internet. Although winning is important, many will play the type of gambling games they enjoy the most. For many, these are the slot machines. Those that are looking for the bigger wins will seek out games that have progressive jackpots. There are many different casinos online as there are several different types of slots that offer jackpot wins.

Online vs On land

There are some mega wins at the slots online but it is believed that the biggest slot wins in history took place at a casino in Las Vegas where there was a reported win on one of the Megabucks machine paying out $11.8 million. One of the most substantial wins on these particular slots took place in 1998 with a win of $27.5 million.

Guinness Record for Online Slot Win

Guinness, which is the well-known book of world records, indicates that the biggest slot win to be enjoyed online was £13.2 million which took place in 2015 on the Mega Moolah slots website.

Other Wins

Being as these jackpot slot games are so popular many of the online casinos are sure to offer a few of them. Although the jackpots are big, the money they pull in exceeds what they are paying out. Not to mention the way it increases the player roster at the casinos. There are now several jackpot slots that have wins available for over one million. One winner was happy to walk away with a $3. Million win from Millionaires Island.

Setting Up for A Win

Players of the jackpot slots have to really understand the particular jackpot slot that they are playing. Some will say that the max bet has to be placed in order for a chance to win the big jackpot.