Any time an individual is going to gamble, they must be aware of the risk factor. The risk is that they are spending money on their gambling activity, with a chance they will not win. But the risk of gambling is what makes up part of the excitement, of this form of action. There are many different forms of gaming, and one of these is the lottery. Some are bigger than others, but one of the biggest, and most exciting, is the Mega Millions Lottery.

What is the Mega Millions Lottery?

This is a lottery, that once it has been drawn, then the majority of the participants immediately want to know what the mega millions results are, for the date that they participated in.

This lottery started out in 1996, and was initially called the Big Game, then later renamed to The Big Game Mega Millions. It is a lottery that is run in the United States, and forty-four of the states here are participants. The lottery is drawn every Tuesday and Friday night. As of October 2017, the current regulations were set in place for this lottery.

Bigger-is-better - Mega Millions

The Potential Winnings

The first lottery drawn under this new version took place on October 31, 2017. The jackpots were heavily advertised, and the minimum was $40 million. If there is no winner declared, then the jackpot increases for the next draw.

Some Impressive Wins

The last win posted was for July 24, 2018, which brought in a win of $543 million. However, this did not go to one person, as the winning ticket was held by a group of eleven. Even so, what each individual walked away with, is not something to take lightly.

On March 30, 2018, there was one sole winner of $533 million.

In 2017, the jackpot was won a total of six times for that year.

Most would agree that for impressive wins like this, it is well worth the risk.