A lot of people dream of winning the lottery. This is one of the big reasons that lotteries like themega millions lottery are so famous, for the people buying tickets for them, and for different lotteries to be run. There is even an aura of the excitement of just pondering on what one would do if they did win one of these. Of course, it would depend on the amount won; There are other opportunities for some big gambling wins at some of the online casinos.

Slot Jackpots

Although most of the slot games at the online casinos pay out some pretty hefty wins, those looking for a big gambling opportunity will go for the slot jackpots. In the past, there have been some impressive wins. Winners each choose to do something different with their new found wealth. Some will invest in luxury homes, while others will buy all the things they ever dreamed of owning.

Some Impressive Wins

One progressive jackpot winner in 2004 won €1.4 on Major Millions Slot. By today’s standard that may not seem like a huge win but during that time it was considered to be huge. Another exciting win was the $4.9 million won on the Gold Mega Jackpot game.

Huge Roulette Wins

Another very popular casino game is Roulette. For those that are not familiar with the game, they may think that there isn’t big money to be won here. This would be wrong thinking as there have been some substantial wins. In 2004 one Roulette winner walked away with $135,000.


Those that visit the online casinos will most likely see a few versions of blackjack being offered. When it comes to wins, this game has a long history of putting out some big money. Many of the big wins here span over a period of play. An example of this is Ken Uston who between 1975 to 1981 pocketed winnings of over $4.5 million.